Well Pondees, this is my new Sub-Page that tells you about how we love, love, LOVE running our businesses by the pond. 

Peacefulness descends, and gives us moments to look up and be refreshed by the sight of a little bird having a bath in our water-feature, or the ruckus behind us, made by the bird wildlife, as they hassle over seed domination in the "Seed-Dish Airport" on the Deck!!!! 

Home businesses are difficult because it is often just you slogging away, and when the results don't come soon, self-criticism comes into action! But sitting outside on the deck by the pond gives a new perspective...it takes you away from a typical inside office locale, and into a different world...and it is just in your own backyard. Your "Outside Home Office"! 

It doesn't have to be a big pond like we have but any lovely outdoor area that you have nurtured will do! 

Are you looking to have a home business that you can run from home in your backyard? 

Message us! And keep your eyes peeled for more posts!!!!!!!!
Ok Pondees, and fellow business entrepreneurs, and those seeking a life by the pond, here is my latest update on what we have been doing and what we do by the Pond for our business.
Recently my eldest daughter got married in Cape Town! A joyous experience for my family, and a trip for me again to the beautiful country of South Africa!
I flew over and stayed for just over two weeks, and saw my daughter get married to African "bloke", and get to spend precious time with the family and friends attending, seeing fantastic sights in and around Cape Town, and try and get some rest in between!
Plus I had to keep my active eye over my marketing businesses! I will tell you about those in a minute, but first let this very proud mum share a couple of photos of my time over there! I missed my pond, but husband Pete was keeping it company!

South Africa is stunning.....mountains, beaches, wines, crafts, art galleries and much more. We even came across the Ford launching of the new Mustang in front of the shop "Truth" coffee store!!!

In between all of this I had my trusty iPad which I always have with me
I could check on my businesses and have fun at the same time. Or I had fun knowing I could rely it would manage itself and I could check later!

I rely on the fact that I have effective teams working on my concerns, and can make sure that an income is made even if I am busy.

Businesses that I rely on are the following:

My Online Business Education- information technology and learning for marketers. From how I g to operate it as an Affiliate, and also sharing it vast resources of courses available to enable online and offline marketers to affectively run and/or improve their businesses.
This business has been very very good for me and produced substantial income. Even in quieter moments I am able to create a passive income. The team behind MOBE are outstanding and I can bring traffic to the business knowing that their team will follow up for me. I have a group of customers that I email to, and share all that is new with MOBE.

mitspages.com :- A very effective and economical way of making Capture pages is the MITS Pages, and links super easily to your auto responders.

I also diversify my income with Advertising Revenue Sharing businesses. To some its quite controversial, but to me I can advertise all my other businesses, my websites, and earn income while I sleep, and hence compound my progress. These are relative newcomers on the scene of marketing, but I choose to follow those with good foundation solid followings and reputation.
The following AdRev businesses I am involved in are written below. I have included the links so that if you wish, you may join as well-
MAPS(My Advertising Pays)- http://bit.ly/1Qou3hi
MPA(My Paying Ads)- http://bit.ly/1l82WE5
Traffic Monsoon- http://bit.ly/1YjqWpF

And then there is MITS(My Internet Traffic Sytem) which is somewhere to go for more training and expertise, with the chance to have live coaching, as well as the chance to promote MITS as an Affiliate-

So at the moment these are the companies that I concentrate on, to diversify my income. It is important not to have all your eggs in one basket, so to speak.
And the pond and its environment, provide me with the perfect location focus and also relax!!!!!

If you have any questions that you would like to ask me please feel free to send me an email at evelynjones@internode.on.net

Warmest Regards,
Evelyn van der Harst