This was the pool some years ago,before it was Pondified!

We have developed a great sort of Tropical retreat type of garden, and although a lovely cool blue pool fits invitingly with that image, we were very aware that the pool was not being enjoyed as much as it used to, we were spending heaps of time and money on nasty chemicals and stressing about water quality etc etc. Plus we knew it wasn't that great for the environment and we could do more. So Pete wondered then if we could possibly make it into a pond??? Was it possible???

Off to the Internet we went and got in touch with the Ku-ring-Gai Chase Council in Sydney and we downloaded their Brochure about just that(see Pond links). This was very exciting!

We looked to local businesses for more guidance and that's when we met Ian from Tupelo Nursery in Mylor(See Pond Links). He is a veritable font of knowledge in all things pond and plant related. As we were rapidly approaching winter, and many pond plants go dormant, all we could do was switch off the pump, let the water do its green thing, and prepare for our pond.


Our pond is securely fenced in, however we also had some old pool fence leftover  We cut the old pool fence into shelf length, and bought many Besser blocks to use as pillars for the shelves and indidivual plant pillars. And we waited, somewhat impatiently.


Through Winter we were off to Ian's and bought bags and bags of the plant Azolla, which in a huge mass, completely covered the surface of the "pea soup" pool. It kept the sun out and prevented the growth of algae and drawing up the fertile nutrients of the water thereby clarifying it.

Once the water was clear we were able to buy lots of plants! A really fun part!!!! We bought our plants from Ian. He knew about the pool, and was SO knowledgeable. We often make trips up there.

We introduced the turtles one-by one as we got them.  We already had Trevor. The fish were put in, plus lots of tadpoles.

The rock in the middle came from an existing water feature. It's a resin rock and Pete attached a waterfall and pump to it.


Now we look forward to coming home even more and sitting out gazing over the pond looking out for the fish and the turtles and soaking up our new environment. It's very restful, and it's wonderful to see all the other little micro- ecosystems that develop in the pond.


Our pond with lots and lots of Azolla!!!!

A whole panorama of Azolla!
A whole panorama of Azolla!