Welcome to our inaugaral web-site about our Pond.

Our pond started out as an above ground pool - popular in summer when the children and their friends were young. But time moves on , the kids go their own way and we found the pool was only being used maybe three or four times a year. At the same time, we were still spending large amounts of money on harmful chemicals to keep the water pristine.

Well... time for change and time for a living view with its own eco-system that gives back and we can enjoy!!!!


We wondered how many people are in the same position we faced ....love the pool... but no-one uses it..so now what...dig it up ...what??????   No!!!!!!!! Answer???? Convert and create a beautiful healthy environment!

We are developing this web-site so lots of things may/will change!!! So keep abreast!!!


Pete and Evelyn

Adelaide, South Australia

Converting your Pool into a Pond